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The Journey of Adventure, Part 3

Sleeping in a parking garage is not an easy thing.  For one thing all the lights are on at all times, so it is never dark.  For another, patrons tend to arrive early for their morning flights and drop their cars off, which results in the near constant clatter of people shuffling suitcases around while slamming car doors.  I picked up maybe an hour of sleep total while I waited for somebody who actually worked there to arrive.  At one point a mother and her child wandered by the car I was resting in, which was odd since it was nowhere near the drop off point and not on the path to the airport.  Where exactly they were planning to go is a mystery to me, but they disappeared shortly after they saw me sitting there.  I am a little surprised I was not confronted by a police officer at some point.

The Journey of Adventure, Part 2

The flight to New England went smoothly, and I recall virtually none of it owing to having slept through the majority of the ride. The landing, taxiing and disembarkation of the plane all went as smooth as could be expected given the late hour of our arrival (around 1:30 AM or so), and we tired passengers made our way dutifully to baggage claim.

The Journey of Adventure, Part 1

The Internet has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I can trace my history back to the days of AOL, Prodigy and Compuserve. Those were the days when “webdesign” was a loose term, at best, and Geocities was the place where all the cool kids had their personal pages dedicated to whatever was hot at the moment. The years passed and the Internet evolved to be a home to more sophisticated webpages which played hosts to actual communities of like-minded individuals (for better or worse), and media in the form of games and music started to emerge as legitimate enterprises. It is difficult now to imagine a time when the World of Warcraft did not exist as a household name, and any of a million movies are available to watch within minutes of thinking about it, but those days did exist.