It is the beginning of a new year, which means it is time to start countdown to the launch of a new season of Game of Thrones. The series crawls ever closer to the point where it will catch up with the books, so hopefully that means we will see book six from George Martin soon, but I am not exactly holding my breath for that one. In any event, up until now we have been getting only brief teasers of what to expect in season four, but the first full trailer has begun making the rounds of the Internet (I presume it accompanied the launch of HBO’s new series, True Detective, but I have yet to watch that yet so I am not certain). For anyone who has decided that the Game is not for them, I do not think this trailer will make much of a difference in changing their opinion, but for those of us eagerly awaiting its launch it has just the right mix of elements to start building anticipation for the new season in April.

Game of Thrones TeaserMultiple major events are teased in the trailer, but perhaps the biggest of the big is the much anticipated wedding of Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell. Game of Thrones weddings tend to never go as expected or planned, and people who have read the books are already chomping at the bit to see if this one will takes its cue from the book or set off in its own. Whatever happens at that wedding will probably be the most important event of the season, but it will hardly be the only one.

It would be easy to hypothesize the course of season four based on knowledge of the books, but that is not really the point. The trailer is meant to entice us into wanting more, and that it does extremely well. Hints of what our favorite characters (the ones still alive, anyway) will do are only briefly seen before moving on to new hints about other characters. With such a large cast it would be easy to overlook characters, but it does look like every major character gets at least a few moments of the trailer (though some you really have to be looking for). The only one I do not recall seeing is Brienne, which is unfortunate but not surprising since I think she will be seen only in passing this season.

Game of Thrones has rightfully earned a reputation for being violent and uncompromising, and all signs indicate that season four will continue that trend. Some of the most anticipated moments are coming this season, and even now I feel motivated to rewatch the first three seasons. It will be a long wait until April, but I will not mind rewatching the trailer a few times, I think.

The trailer can be viewed on YouTube.